Grey Hardwood Flooring Is A Cool New Interior Design Trend

In recent years, traditional gleaming and warm mahogany floors have made way for a new flooring trend that has completely shifted the interior design world in a new direction. Grey hardwood floors have become the latest fad and have introduced cooler and cleaner tones to living spaces. Many people are drawn to the refreshing images they see incorporating these new and trendy floors but aren’t sure how to incorporate grey hardwood floors into their own design scheme. It can seem intimidating at first, but there are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that this new flooring trend will work for your design project; ranging from incorporating the right accents to updating your appliances.

Incorporate Modern Accents

Since grey hardwood floors emulate a sleeker and more modern aesthetic than traditional hardwood tones it is important to accessorize your room accordingly. Things like updating your walls with lighter paint tones, even as light as ivory, will help bring out the tones in your new grey hardwood flooring. Soft lighting, ideally achieved with modern and sleek pot lights, will pair nicely with the cooler hardwood tones. As far as specific accents are concerned, a neutral toned and plush area carpet and a glass table or two will go a long way in helping to create a more modern feel to your room that will pair perfectly with the modern new tones in your flooring.


Add A Pop Of Colour

Although grey hardwood floors pair nicely with more neutral tones, it is also nice to have a consistent pop of colour throughout the room. Try finding a brightly coloured throw pillow or a blanket with a bold pattern to brighten up the living room. If you want, you can go as far as to find a bold couch or foot stool (as a tip: teal is very popular right now, and pairs nicely with grey hardwood tones). If you are redesigning a kitchen or other living space try finding a plant with a brightly coloured pot or a mirror with a bold frame design.


Match Your Cabinets And Appliances

Changing up the tones of your flooring so dramatically (assuming you’re transitioning from a darker mahogany wood to grey hardwood tones) also means that you may need to update your appliances and cabinetry. Grey hardwood pairs wonderfully with sleek white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Update your kitchen set to include leather chairs and you will have a kitchen even the most fashionable homeowner will envy. If you are redesigning your bathroom opt for a glass bowl sink.

Grey hardwood is actually very versatile and is a refreshing change to the more traditional hardwood tones. Although grey hardwood has taken over the flooring world and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it is important to decide if it is the right choice for your project. If you are having trouble deciding if grey hardwood is right for your home The Floor Shop has lots of different samples and a team that would be more than happy to help you with any of your flooring design plans. To schedule an appointment at one of the showrooms give our office a call or simply show up and see what we have for you.